We provide complete turnkey furniture solutions for Garment Export Industry. Our product range starts right from cutting of fabric, assembly line, production till packaging/dispatch which includes cutting tables, machine centre tables, finishing/checking tables, QC tables, all kind of storage racks for accessories, cut components, fabric racks etc.and a wide range of trollies. All our products are modular folding type system, finished with powder coating, can easily be dismantled & re-erected.

Line Production Table

It is an assembly line for the movement of garment/piece for keeping cuttings & fast production.

The purpose of the Machine Centre Table is to provide electricity to run sewing machines & also to provide requisite lumens at the needle point.

  • High quality
  • Space saving
  • Fast Production
  • Customized Sizes & Designs

Checking-Finishing Tables

They are used as feeding, checking & finishing Tables. Standard Size available are 8’X4’, 8’X3’, 6’X4’, 6’X3’, 5’X3’ and 4’X3’ having a height of 3’ Feet.

Storage Racks

Storage Racks are indispensable products for any industry more so in garment production units. There is a variety use of racks for keeping fabric, cuttings, accessories like thread, button, zips, labels and still very small products like beads etc.

Variety of racks are available of various sizes & dimensions to meet the varying or different requirements of the industry such as Fabric Storage Racks, Cutting Storage Racks, Finished Goods Racks, Component Racks & Pigeon Hole Racks etc.

Industrial Staff Lockers

Worker’s locker are essentially required in an industry where large numbers of workers are working and are not allowed to carry their personal belongings like purse, Tiffin, etc. can keep in their own locked compartment at the entrance of the factory.

It prevents theft of valuable small components of the machinery products.

It is 18 locker cabinet of overall size : 1980x910x475mm generally required. The size of each locker is approx 300x300x450mm with padlock arrangement from outside. Available in light grey colour or any desired colour the numbers of lockers can be 6/8/12 in an overall size : of 1980x910x475mm.

MS Industrial Trolleys

Trollies are required for the movement of fabric, cutting, garments and for washing area. They are available in different sizes and colours to serve various purposes in the production process of garment industry. There is a wide range of trollies available.

Trollies are generally made of MS Sheet, Pipe, Steel Bar, MS Angle & welded mesh fitted with high quality of wheels.

Canteen Table & Bench

It is made up of MS Pipe with 18mm pre laminated Particle board/MS Sheet at top duly painted in black colour.

Suggested size of Table : 1800x600x750mm(H) & Bench : 1800x300x750mm(H).

MS and Plastic Pallets

It is basically used to store fabric bails. It is strong enough to accommodate any quantum of weight & it is maintenance free.

Slotted Angles/Cable Trays

Cable tray are used for laying of cable & hanging overhead tube lights available in large number of sizes.

Operator Stools and Chairs & Chairs

Operator stools & chairs are available in different material like MS square pipes, MS tubular pipes with revolving or fixed cushion seats, with and without backs, with or without foot ring support at the base and with different tops like steel top, moulded tops etc.

Cutting Table

Cutting Table is the base line of garment industry for volume cutting of fabric in garment industry.

These cutting tables have base board also to be used for keeping the cuttings etc. It is available in sizes of varying width sizes like 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm each unit length of table is 2400mm or to any extent. They are so neatly, precisely & perfectly joined the top level of the table remain uniformly same to make way for the operation of the cutter machine.

It is made of folding type MS pipe duly powder coated with Pre-Laminated Particle Board at top & bottom. Top can be made of Laminated Commercial Board/MDF for longer durability.